Matthew Quiz

How much do you know about the life of Saint Matthew the Apostle? Take this Matthew quiz to find out! This blog post will test your knowledge of one of the most important figures in Christianity. See how well you know the story of Matthew!

Saint Matthew Quiz
Saint Matthew Quiz

Who was Saint Matthew and what did he do?

Saint Matthew was one of the twelve Apostles, a tax collector who collected taxes from other Jews for the occupying Roman forces in Palestine during the 1st century CE.

He is recognized as a saint in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and Anglican churches. Saint Matthew was the author of the first Gospel of the New Testament, chronically depicting the life and ministry of Christ.

He is celebrated by the Church every September 21, and honored as the patron saint of bankers. Saint Matthew’s Church and Saint Matthew Catholic Church and School are named after him.

Saint Matthew is a prominent figure in both art and popular culture, especially in his representation in the famous painting by Caravaggio, “The Calling of Saint Matthew.” This masterpiece is renowned for its use of tenebrism and chiaroscuro, Caravaggio’s signature style that has influenced many painters even after his death, leading to the birth of the Caravaggism movement.

The cultural significance of this painting lies in its creation during the period of the Counter-Reformation, where the Catholic Church aimed to reach out to its parishioners through art.

As such, The Calling of Saint Matthew has been viewed as an embodiment of the Counter Reformation’s goals, portraying a pivotal moment where Matthew, a tax collector, encounters Jesus Christ and is inspired to follow Him.

Moreover, the painting’s powerful imagery and narrative have been the subject of various reviews and essays, including one on Gradesfixer that explores Caravaggio’s technique and its impact on this piece.

Furthermore, the angel depicted in Caravaggio’s other painting, “Saint Matthew and the Angel,” has a fascinating backstory, making it a prominent topic of discussion amongst art enthusiasts.

Overall, Saint Matthew’s importance is not restricted to his religious significance but extends to his influence on popular culture, including movies, TV series, and literature. For instance, the character of Matthew plays a pivotal role in Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code,” further emphasizing his cultural relevance.

In conclusion, Saint Matthew remains an iconic figure in art and popular culture, with his representation in Caravaggio’s masterpiece and the Counter-Reformation making him a topic of fascination for art enthusiasts and historians alike.

What are some of the most famous stories about Saint Matthew in the Bible?

According to the Bible, Saint Matthew, also known as Matthew the Apostle, was a tax collector before he became one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

One of the most famous stories about Saint Matthew is when Jesus saw him sitting in his tax collector’s booth and called him to follow him. Despite being despised by the Jews, Jesus chose Matthew to be one of his disciples, demonstrating his love for all people regardless of their background.

Another famous story about Saint Matthew is how he recorded the teachings and miracles of Jesus in his Gospel, which is the first book of the New Testament.

Through his writing, Saint Matthew played a crucial role in shaping the Christian faith and spreading the word of God to the world.

To learn more about Saint Matthew and his life, celebrate his feast day on September 21 by attending mass or visiting Saint Matthew’s Church.

Why is Saint Matthew considered an important figure in Christianity?

Saint Matthew is considered an important figure in Christianity because he was one of the twelve apostles and the traditional author of the first Gospel of the New Testament.

He chronicled the life and ministry of Christ in his Gospel, contributing to the development of Christianity. Matthew is recognized as a saint in Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and Anglican churches, and his feast day is celebrated on September 21st.

Interestingly, Matthew was a tax collector who worked for the occupying Roman forces, collecting taxes from other Jews, making him the patron saint of bankers.

Through his work and devotion, Saint Matthew left a lasting impact on the faith that continues to inspire believers today.

What lessons can we learn from the life of Saint Matthew today?

Saint Matthew, also known as Matthew the Apostle or Matthew the Evangelist, was a tax collector who later became one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He is recognized as a saint in various Christian traditions and is celebrated on September 21st each year.

As we reflect on the life of Saint Matthew today, there are several lessons that we can learn:

The power of transformation: Saint Matthew’s life shows us that it’s never too late to turn our lives around and follow a new path. Although he was once a tax collector and seen as a collaborator with the Roman authorities, he became a disciple of Jesus and a key figure in the development of Christianity.
The importance of humility: Despite his later prominence as an apostle and gospel writer, Saint Matthew never forgot his past as a tax collector. He remained humble and acknowledged his weaknesses, writing in his gospel about the need for forgiveness and mercy.
The value of service: Saint Matthew’s work as a tax collector was not always seen as honorable, yet he still served his community in his way. As we strive to make a positive impact on the world, we can look to his example of finding ways to serve others, even in difficult circumstances.

Saint Matthew’s life may have taken place centuries ago, but his legacy continues to inspire people today. Whether we’re seeking to transform our own lives, practice humility, or serve our communities, we can learn valuable lessons from his example.

Matthew Quiz Conclusion

Saint Matthew was an important figure in Christianity because of his teachings and dedication to the faith. He is also known for his strength and courage, which can serve as an example for us today. We can learn from Saint Matthew’s life that it is important to be faithful to our beliefs and stay strong in times of adversity.

Matthew Quiz

Saint Matthew Quiz is an exciting new quiz that tests your knowledge of the life and teachings of Saint Matthew. The quiz is designed for Catholics and covers a wide range of topics, including Matthew’s role in the Bible, his miracles, and his teachings. Put your knowledge to the test and see how you do!

#1. Where is Saint Matthew from?

#2. Which cathedral is Matthews's tomb?

#3. What does the name Matthew mean?

#4. Apostle Matthew was working close to which sea?

#5. What is the major attribute of the apostle Matthew?

#6. What was Matthew's occupation before he met Jesus?

#7. How many times were Gold and silver mentioned in Matthew's Gospel?

#8. How many synoptic gospels did the calling of Matthew appear in?

#9. How is St Matthew portrayed?

#10. Where was Matthews's place of death?



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