Characteristics of the Apostles

Saint Jude

Characteristics of Saint Jude

Characteristics of Simon, the Zealot, made us understand that Before his calling to follow Christ, Simon was a zealous nationalist who wanted to drive out the Romans from the cities; his group tactics often resulted in bloody conflict. He was won over to Jesus’ side by His calmness, poise, inexplicable composure, and assurance.

Saint Matthias

Characteristics of Saint Matthias

After Jesus returned to his Father in heaven, St. Peter spoke to a gathering of about 120 of Jesus’ disciples. He said they needed to elect an Apostle to replace Judas, who had betrayed the Lord. Matthias joined in the work of the Apostles—spreading the Good News about Jesus’ life, Death, Resurrection, and baptizing converts in his name.

Saint John

Characteristics of Saint John

John the Apostle was also called ‘son of thunder’ like his brother. He is also called ‘the pillar of the church. There can be little doubt that John was one of the greatest of all the apostles, but his character portrays he was hot-headed yet ambitious, caring, and special to Jesus.

the Holy Apostles

12 Apostles and their Characteristics

The Characteristic of the 12 Apostles is an intriguing subject – their personalities, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We always need to remember that not only were they human and, like us today, had failures and successes, but they also were trained by our Lord during His earthly ministry.

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