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There can be many reasons why you want to contact the Holy Apostles. It might be that you are interested to write for us, or want to have more information on our services or products.

It might be that you want to have a better understanding of the meaning of the apostles in general or what the apostles mean in our daily lives.

If one of the Holy Apostles is your patron then it would be great if you write about that. We will publish these articles because others might feel the same as you.

Whatever your request, we look at it and come back to you to discuss your request.
Contacting us is not old school, do not send a letter, just leave a message here or in the chatbox, whatever you like best.
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Guest Post

We know that many would like to write for us or have their own article placed on our website and that would be great. We do appreciate that and we might even pay for it but as you can understand the article must be relevant to the Holy Apostles.

If you are interested to write but do not know which topic then please contact us.


We expect you to be Christian or Catholic. We do appreciate that the apostles are also mentioned in other religions but here we look at the apostles from a Christian point of view.

When you write, we expect it to be flawless and preferably by a native English writer.

Quality is more important than the number of words but if you can manage articles of 2000 words, then this would be great.

There is no reason to ask us to place an article about casinos or gambling because these will not be placed. As a matter of fact, we do not like casinos or gambling. And no, we do not publish an apostle and gambling article.

It would be interesting if you can match the Holy Apostles for example with cryptocurrency. This kind of article might be relevant but again, it must be a very good article in order for us and the search engines to see that connection. But if it does, then we are more than happy to go through it, discuss it with you and publish it.

If you are interested in having an article placed here then make sure it is about the Holy Apostles and preferably from a Catholic point of view. Your article will be read by an educated Catholic, so make sure it is spot on.

In case you want to contact us for link building, then clearly this is possible. There are a few rules and as a link builder, you know what Google writes about paid links. Something in the trend links having a nofollow or better a sponsored tag.

Link building can be done through guest posts but also if you have a website with high-quality articles and we can link to your site because one of our articles is relevant to your article then please let us know. We are more than happy to build a two-link.


In case you are an eCommerce shop and would like to have an article placed about your business or perhaps products or category of products, that is absolutely possible. We will link to your site using the affiliate link but again, your products must be about the Holy Apostles.


If you write an article that we publish, we give you the opportunity to add your name to the article. In the end, you are the writer. It is not just the name, we will add your LinkedIn badge. You can find at how to create your LinkedIn badge.

Do not bother to ask about advertisements. We are not interested in banners. Besides that, what we notice is that many people use browsers that block banners.

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The contact form below is straightforward and we urge you to fill it in. In case you want to send an article, then please contact us before doing that. We will be in touch with you to discuss the steps.

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