Garden Sacred Haven

Getting away from it all by creating a sacred haven in your garden can be very peaceful, calming and most of all spiritual. Whether you’re Catholic or not, discovering how to spend more time outdoors crafting a special place for yourself to commune with nature and find inner peace is so worth embarking upon. Through the process of cultivating an outdoor space that is devoted specifically for prayer and contemplation, we are able to engage more deeply with our faith and draw closer to God.

Markus und Lukas

Why are Mark and Luke not named as disciples? According to Christian tradition, they were disciples of apostles. Mark was a disciple of Peter while Luke was a disciple of Paul.
Some Protestants insist that they must have been disciples of Jesus. Because those Protestants insist on treating the gospels as first-hand accounts.

Geschichte des heiligen Markus

Die Geschichte des Heiligen Markus beweist, dass er einer der 70 Jünger Christi und der vier Evangelisten war. Der Heilige Markus wurde in Cyrene, Libyen, geboren, aber sein Geburtsdatum ist unbekannt. Er reiste mit dem heiligen Barnabas und dem heiligen Paulus auf vielen religiösen Missionen, während denen er die Kirche von Alexandria gründete. Das Lukasevangelium konzentriert sich auf die Armen und Unterdrückten und ermutigt zu Zärtlichkeit und Mitgefühl für die weniger Glücklichen.

Heiliger Lukas

Story of Apostle Luke in the Bible, St. Luke is believed to be the author of the Gospel that bears his name as well as of the Acts of the Apostles.
The gospel of Luke focuses on the poor and oppressed, encouraging tenderness and compassion for the less fortunate.

Apostel Predigt

Was haben die Apostel gepredigt? Der Herr Jesus berief einige Jünger, nicht nur 12, sondern mindestens 70. Er sandte sie aus und beauftragte sie, das Königreich zu predigen, indem er sagte: „Das Königreich der Himmel hat sich genaht

Fasten der 12 Jünger

Das Apostelfasten ist ein Beweis dafür, dass, so wie Christus 40 Tage nachdem der Heilige Geist wie eine Taube auf ihn herabgekommen war, gefastet hat, auch die Apostel nach dem Pfingsttag gefastet haben. Der Geist Gottes kam auf sie herab und sprach auch zu ihnen.

12 Apostel nach dem Tod Jesu

According to the Christian Gospels of Mark and Matthew, after Jesus’ death and ascension, his Apostles “went out and preached everywhere.” This is described in Mark 16:19 and 20, as well as Matthäus 28:19 and 20. They dispersed to different areas of the world, according to a legend reported by Eusebius.

Paulusgeschichte in der Bibel

The story of Paul the apostle shares detailed insight into how Paul was a Greek-speaking Jew from Asia Minor. His birthplace, Tarsus, was a major city in eastern Cilicia, a region that had been made part of the Roman province of Syria by the time of Paul’s adulthood. Two of the main cities of Syria, Damascus, and Antioch, played a prominent part in his life and letters.

Die inneren Jünger Jesu Christi

Catholics believe that Jesus had an inner circle of disciples who were close to him and saw his teachings and miracles firsthand. Who were these disciples, and what can we learn from them about following Jesus? This post looks at the evidence for who Jesus’s inner circle might have been and what we can learn from them today.

Die Stellung des Petrus in der apostolischen Kirche

It’s no secret that Peter is a controversial figure in Christianity. He allegedly denied Jesus three times, and some people say he can’t be trusted. But what if I told you that Peter was actually one of the most important figures in the apostolic church? It might surprise you to learn that he had a lot of authority among the early Christians. In this blog post, I’ll explore the role of Peter in the apostolic church and explain why he was such an important figure.

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