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who were the 12 apostles?

Symbols of the Apostles

“The church historically has symbols for the twelve apostles that most Christians don’t recognize or even realize. Symbols of apostles give insight into these companions of Christ to identify them, several Christian saints are traditionally represented by a symbol or iconic motif associated with their lives, known as an attribute or emblem”.

saint peter

St. Peter Biography

St Peter’s story, according to the gospels, portrays Peter as the first apostle to declare faith in Jesus as the Christ during his career. Jesus chose the name Peter, which means “rock,” to suggest that he would be the rock-like anchor for the unity of the Church.

jesus fishermen

the Jobs of the 12 Disciples

Chi sono i 12 discepoli e qual era la loro occupazione? Quelli di cui si discuteva il lavoro variavano ampiamente: si dice che Pietro, Giacomo, Giovanni, Filippo e Andrea fossero pescatori. Si presumeva che Bartolomeo fosse di nascita reale (nessun lavoro). Giuda è forse un tesoriere. Matteo è un esattore delle tasse. Le occupazioni di Giacomo il minore, Giuda e Tommaso sono sconosciute.

jesus & the disciples

Challenges of the 12 Disciples

Challenges of the 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ such as temptations, persecution, false teachings, death, etc made us understand that the 12 Disciples of Jesus underwent certain challenges of which they were able to scale through some and also became victims of some challenges.

jesus and his disciples

9 Silent Virtues

Nove virtù silenziose ritratte dall'apostolo ci hanno fatto capire che in altri per predicare il vangelo di Cristo, gli apostoli predicavano non solo con le parole, ma esibendo certe virtù che mostravano che erano veramente i discepoli di Cristo. Questo articolo condivide maggiori informazioni sulle virtù silenziose ritratte dagli apostoli.

jesus and his disciples

The 12 Apostles and their Characteristics

The Characteristic of the 12 Apostles is an intriguing subject – their personalities, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We always need to remember that not only were they human and, like us today, had failures and successes, but they also were trained by our Lord during His earthly ministry.

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