12 apóstolos e suas características

Characteristics of the Apostles

Studying The 12 Apostles and their Characteristics made us understand that irrespective of the apostles’ character, these men became the pioneering leaders of the New Testament church, but they were not without faults and shortcomings.

Curiosamente, nenhum dos apóstolos escolhidos era um erudito ou rabino.

Mas Deus os escolheu com um propósito - atiçar as chamas do evangelho que se espalhariam pela face da terra e continuariam a brilhar ao longo dos séculos seguintes.

Deus selecionou e usou cada um desses caras normais para realizar seu plano excepcional.

Os doze discípulos eram, de acordo com o Cristianismo, homens comuns que seguiram os ensinamentos de Jesus Cristo.

After witnessing His crucifixion and His resurrection, and His ascension, these men were sent out to spread the word of Christianity and be witnesses to the work of God.

12 apostles and their characteristics
12 apóstolos e suas características

The Leading Apostles and their Characteristics

  • Andrew - mente aberta
  • Bartolomeu - composto
  • James - fanático
  • Tiago, o filho de Alfeu - quietude
  • John - apaixonado
  • Judas - traidor
  • Jude - intenso
  • Matthew - humilde
  • Peter - impulsivo
  • Philip - curioso
  • Simão, o Zelote - obstinado
  • Thomas - pessimismo

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Apostle Peter

The characteristics of Peter are transparent and easily analyzed. He appears to have been the leader of the apostles on every occasion. He is named first in every list of them and was their common spokesman. Peter was known for being bold, confident, courageous, frank, impulsive, energetic, vigorous, strong, loving, and faithful to his Master despite his defection before the crucifixion.

Ele estava realmente sujeito a mudanças, e às vezes prevalecia a inconsistência. Por causa de seu temperamento peculiar, Peter às vezes parecia atrevido e precipitado. No entanto, suas virtudes e defeitos tinham sua raiz comum em sua disposição entusiástica.

saint peter
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 15

Essa era a constituição de Peter, sua natureza e seus traços de personalidade. Peter não era um impostor. Porém, às vezes, ele era o tipo de pessoa que não pensava antes de agir. Ele tinha o caráter mais forte do grupo e freqüentemente servia como porta-voz dos discípulos. Ele era seu líder reconhecido.

Apostle Andrew

Andrew was not the greatest of the apostles, yet he is typical of those men of open-minded understanding and sounds common sense without whom the success of any great movement cannot be assured. Void of the boldness and ruggedness of Peter’s character, to which only a few can aspire, Andrew had that feature that makes him a pattern within reach of all – a simple, earnest determination in carrying out the dictates of his convictions.

Another feature of Andrew was his eagerness to win souls in private to Jesus. Andrew was not a powerful public speaker. He was a low-key individual who was very trustworthy.

andrew the apostle
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 16

Embora admiremos Pedro como o principal apóstolo por meio do qual 3.000 foram acrescentados à igreja no dia de Pentecostes, não nos esqueçamos de que sem André, “Simão” nunca teria se tornado “Pedro”. Portanto, conhecido era seu amor pelas almas que, quando certos gregos desejavam ver Jesus, André era a pessoa a quem Filipe os levava.

Apóstolo Tiago (filho de Zebedeu)

The next Apostle we will look at is James, the son of Zebedee and the older brother of John. From the time, he has ordained an apostle, James occupied a prominent place among the apostles and, along with Peter and John, became the special confidant of Jesus. These three apostles alone were present at the raising of Jairus’ daughter (Luke 8:51), at the Transfiguration, and at the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Shortly after the Transfiguration, when Jesus was determined to go to Jerusalem, in Luke 9:51, they were passing through Samaria, the fury of James and John was kindled by the unkind reception given to our Lord by the crowd,

It was probably for this type of hotheaded rashness and fanaticism that the surname “Boanerges,” which means “Sons of Thunder,” was bestowed on them when they were ordained to the Twelve. Note, however, that there was some excuse for their action.

saint paul the apostle church westerville ohio stained glass arcade saint james the greater 1
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 17

The impression left by the Transfiguration was still greatly upon them. They felt strongly that their Lord, whom they had just beheld “in His glory” with “His countenance altered” and “shining garments,” should not be subjected to such indignities by the Samaritans.

Apóstolo João (irmão de Tiago)

John was the kind of man who could profit from the rebuke of Jesus. John’s passionate disposition was held in check and under control, and he was allowed to vent only on occasions when it was permissible and even necessary.

John’s gospel writings note the intensity that he had displayed but directed only against those who refused to believe in and acknowledge Jesus as Christ.

saint john
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 18

João também tinha uma ligação íntima com o Senhor. Ele era um jovem de zelo ardente e uma tendência para a intolerância e exclusividade, evidente em seu desejo de invocar fogo sobre a aldeia samaritana.

His tendency toward exclusiveness is manifested in his mother’s request as to the place her sons were to occupy in the kingdom – the highest positions.

Apóstolo Phillip

Junto com André e outros conterrâneos, Filipe viajou para Betânia para ouvir os ensinamentos de João Batista, e lá ele recebeu seu primeiro chamado de Cristo.

This is strengthened by the fact that he acted as the spokesman for the Greeks at the Passover. Of a weaker mold than Andrew, he was the one whom the Greeks would first appeal to when seeking answers from the Lord. Philip was very interested, asked probing questions, and sympathized and understood the doubts and difficulties that the Greeks had.

saint philip
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 19

While Andrew was practical, strong-minded, and naturally the type of man to win over the impulsive, head-strong Peter, the slower Philip, versed in the Scriptures, appealed more to the critical Nathanael and the cultured Greeks. Philip was very cautious, deliberate, and desirous of submitting all truth to the test of sensual experience.

Apostle Bartholomew

One of the first characteristics of Apostle Bartholomew or Nathaniel was what appeared to be a prejudice in him, as when he says,

“Pode vir alguma coisa boa de Nazaré?”

This is not to condemn or judge, but merely to try to give you a picture of what he was like in the natural realm as well as the spiritual realm.

Natanael ou Bartolomeu parece ser um tipo calmo, retraído, que está nos bastidores, que um homem pode não reconhecer, mas Deus reconhece.

saint bartholomew martyrdom
Saint Bartholomew Martyrdom

Segundo a tradição, ele foi crucificado de cabeça para baixo após ser esfolado vivo.

Não há mais nenhuma referência a ele no Novo Testamento.

Apostle Thomas

Thomas, como muitos de vocês sabem, era conhecido como o duvidoso do grupo. Quando ele disse: “Vamos nós também, para morrermos com Ele”, essa não foi uma declaração de coragem, mas de pessimismo.

Thomas tendia a enfatizar o que era desfavorável ou a ter a visão mais sombria possível das coisas. Na noite anterior à morte de nosso Senhor, Thomas fez aquela famosa pergunta.

Ele é típico de muitas pessoas que têm certos princípios conflitantes difíceis de conciliar.

doubting thomas
São Tomé

He was the type of individual who seemed to have difficulty recovering quickly from setbacks, and he was inclined to look upon life with eyes of gloom or despair.

However, he still was a man of courage and entire unselfishness. With his perplexed faith in the teaching of Jesus, there was mingled a sincere love for Jesus, the teacher.

Apostle Matthew

Mateus é chamado de “Mateus” no primeiro evangelho, enquanto no segundo e terceiro evangelhos, ele é chamado de “Levi”. Então, no livro de Atos, ele é mais uma vez chamado de Mateus.

Being a tax collector, Matthew was especially hated by the Jews because they considered the tax collectors to be evil, wicked men.

Se ele tinha mais do que se arrepender do que seus vizinhos, não podemos dizer. Ele realmente pertencia a uma classe de homens, muitos dos quais eram realmente culpados de fraude e extorsão, mas Mateus pode ter sido uma exceção.

saint matthew stained glass
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 20

We can only say this, if he had been covetous, the spirit of greed was now gone.

Se ele alguma vez foi culpado de oprimir os pobres, agora ele desprezava esse tipo de trabalho. Ele estava cansado de coletar receitas de uma população relutante e estava feliz em seguir alguém que tinha vindo para aliviar os encargos em vez de colocá-los sobre, para se livrar das dívidas em vez de cobrar deles com severidade.

Tiago (filho de Alfeu)

James is generally identified as James the Little or the Less, the brother of Joseph and son of Mary. In each list of the apostles, he is mentioned in the ninth position.

He is said to be the brother of Jude.

saint james the less
the 12 apostles and their characteristics 21

We know very little of his background except that some teach that he was known for his quietness and humility.

Talvez o tipo de pessoa que não se destaca na multidão, mas é sempre fiel.

Tadeu (também conhecido como Judas, filho de Tiago e Lebbaeus)

Judas, surnamed Thaddeus, was also called Judas the Zealot and was a very enthusiastic and intense individual, MAT 10:3. The only incident recorded of Judas is in JOH 14:22, where during Christ’s address to the disciples after the last supper he put the question, JOH 14:22-25 “Judas (not Iscariot) said to Him,

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‘Lord, what then has happened that You are going to disclose Yourself to us, and not to the world?’

Jesus respondeu e disse-lhe: 'Se alguém me ama, guardará a minha palavra; e meu Pai o amará, e viremos para ele e faremos nele morada. Quem não me ama não guarda as minhas palavras, e a palavra que vocês ouvem não é minha, mas dos pais que me enviaram.

Estas coisas eu falei para você enquanto estava com você. '”

saint jude
São Judas

He seems to have been a follower who needed to fall in love with his Lord.

A tradição diz que ele pregou na Assíria e na Pérsia emorreu um mártir na Pérsia.

Simão (o zelote também conhecido como Simão, o cananeu)

Simão é chamado de zelote e cananeu para distingui-lo de Simão Pedro. Ele era um ex-membro de uma seita judia fanática chamada de zelotes.

Os membros desse grupo eram oponentes fervorosos do domínio romano na Palestina. Como zelote, Simão odiava qualquer dominação ou interferência estrangeira.

The Zealots were also known for their fierce advocacy of the Mosaic rituals. He was strong-willed, and once he made up his mind, he was the type of individual to go all the way with what he believed.

apostle simon
Apostle Simon

He was not a leader but a tremendous strong-willed follower. Simon received his call to the apostleship and Andrew and Peter, the sons of Zebedee, Thaddaeus, and Judas Iscariot at the Sea of Tiberius.

Embora Simão, como a maioria dos apóstolos, fosse provavelmente um galileu, a designação “cananeu” é considerada mais política do que geográfica.

Judas Iscariotes

Curiosamente, Judas Iscariotes é sempre identificado como tal - Judas Iscariotes. Judas era de Kerioth, o que significa que ele estava perto de Hebron ao nascer, e sendo criado lá, ele é o único não galileu que Jesus escolheu.

He was the only one from Judea and probably the sharpest of the twelve – that’s why he was treasurer.

Nem sempre pense que o mais brilhante é o melhor do grupo. Você deve prestar atenção ao caráter e à atitude - não apenas à habilidade intelectual.

Nosso Senhor não avalia de acordo com os SATs; Ele olha para o coração.

judas kisses jesus
judas kisses jesus

Uma das características de Judas prova que Ele não se importava com os pobres. Ele era um homem de coração duro, muito preocupado em encher seu próprio ninho enquanto outros, menos afortunados, sofriam perto dele.

He was a thief, stealing funds from the Lord’s treasury, which exposes that Judas was full of avarice or greed. Judas was not in tune with Jesus and rejected the Lord’s message.


What you want to pay attention to is the characteristics of the 12 apostles and attitude, not intellectual ability only. What did these men have except one? They were available, they were flexible, they were teachable, and they were dependable. With these four traits, the character can be built.

Não havia muita habilidade intelectual dentro deles, exceto provavelmente com Judas Iscariotes, mas eles tinham as coisas a partir das quais o caráter poderia ser construído. Eles também eram galileus. Galileus eram facilmente reconhecidos quando falavam. É por isso que, durante o julgamento de Jesus, foi simples para a serva detectar Simão Pedro como um dos discípulos de Jesus.

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