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the holy apostles
As histórias dos mensageiros de Deus

Full of Love, these 12 Apostles stories, Martyred but their Faith in God was so strong that even the most fearsome death did not take them away from the path.

These Apostles’ Stories show the remarkable faith the disciples had once becoming an apostle. During their time preaching the gospel their life was difficult.

A partir de um discípulo de um apóstolo. As histórias não são apenas da Bíblia, mas a história das orações que tantos de vocês amam.

A história de uma peregrinação a qualquer um dos cemitérios, mas também a história de ter qualquer um dos apóstolos em casa na forma de um ícone ou estátua.

Caso queira que sua história sobre os apóstolos seja adicionada aqui em nosso site, por favor, entre em contato conosco.

the great 12 apostles stories the communion of the apostles, oil on canvas painting in the museum of fine arts in boston, 
lucas jordán, luca jordanus, luca fa presto
The Communion of the Apostles, Oil on canvas painting in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,
Lucas Jordán, Luca Jordanus, Luca Fa Presto
  • São Pedro: enterrado na Basílica de São Pedro na Cidade do Vaticano, Roma, Itália
  • Santo André: sepultado na Catedral de Santo André, Patras, Grécia
  • São Tiago o Grande: sepultado na Catedral de Santiago de Compostela em Santiago de Compostela, Galiza, Espanha
  • São João: sepultado na Basílica de São João em Éfeso, Turquia
  • São Filipe: sepultado na Igreja dos Santos Apóstolos em Roma ou possivelmente em Hierápolis, perto de Denizli, Turquia
  • São Bartolomeu: enterrado na Basílica de Benevento, Itália, ou Basílica de São Bartolomeu na Ilha, Roma, Itália
  • São Mateus: sepultado na Catedral de Salerno, Salerno, Itália
  • São Tiago Menor, filho de Alfeu: sepultado na Catedral de São Tiago em Jerusalém ou na Igreja dos Santos Apóstolos em Roma
  • Saint Thomas: buried in the San Thome Basilica in Chennai, India, or in the Basilica of St. Thomas the Apostle in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy
  • São Simão: sepultado na Basílica de São Pedro em Roma sob o altar de São José com São Judas
  • Saint Jude Thaddeus: buried in St. Peter’s Basilica under the St. Joseph altar with St. Simon; two bones (relics) located at the National Shrine of St Jude in Chicago, Illinois
  • São Matias: sepultado na Abadia de São Matias em Trier, Renânia-Palatinado, Alemanha

Existem tantas histórias e nós o convidamos a compartilhar sua história bíblica de apóstolo.

Algum dos apóstolos tem um significado especial para você? Então nós, e especialmente nosso público, adoraríamos ler sua história. Contate-nos hoje enviando sua história para nós.

As grandes histórias dos 12 apóstolos

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Miracles of the Disciples

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The miracles of the disciples are among the most remarkable events depicted in the Bible. These amazing displays of divine power encompassed miraculous healings, supernatural signs, and numerous other awe-inspiring happenings performed by the apostles of Jesus. The spiritual principles that lie at the heart of these miraculous events are
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Icons of the Apostles

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Icons of the Holy Apostles have a special place in Orthodox Christian art and culture. These sacred images often depict the twelve apostles with unique symbols and attributes that represent their personality, teachings, and martyrdom. Recognizing each apostle in icons and understanding their symbols helps believers to connect with their
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The Key Teachings of the 12 Apostles

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The 12 Apostles were the primary disciples of Jesus Christ, chosen to spread his teachings and establish his Church. Their message was centered on the belief in Jesus as the Son of God, the forgiveness of sins, and the promise of eternal life. Through their teachings and writings, they continue to
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The 12 disciples of Jesus Christ have been symbolized through various objects and icons throughout history. From a poisoned chalice to a lance, each apostle has a unique symbol that represents their life and ultimate sacrifice. This symbolism has deep religious significance and helps us understand the importance of their role
the historical and cultural context of the 12 disciples.

The historical and cultural context of the 12 disciples.

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The 12 disciples of Jesus lived in a time when Jewish religious practices and beliefs heavily influenced their way of life. Many were uneducated commoners who left everything behind to follow Jesus and learn from him for three years. During this time, they experienced and witnessed significant events that shaped their
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The Legacy of the 12 Apostles

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The apostles established the foundations of Christian belief and practice, spreading the message of Jesus and enduring persecution to establish the early Church. Their writings provided a framework for Christian theology and continue to inspire Christians today.
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Patron Saint of

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The apostles were some of Jesus’ closest followers and they have been an inspiration to billions over centuries. As a result, these twelve men have come to be appreciated and honored by many cultures around the world. In Christianity, each apostle is associated with certain areas or causes due to
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Mark and Luke

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Why are Mark and Luke not named as disciples? According to Christian tradition, they were disciples of apostles. Mark was a disciple of Peter while Luke was a disciple of Paul. Some Protestants insist that they must have been disciples of Jesus. Because those Protestants insist on treating the gospels
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Story of St Mark

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The story of Saint Mark proves he was one of Christ’s 70 disciples and the four evangelists, Saint Mark was born in Cyrene, Libya but his date of birth is unknown. He traveled with Saint Barnabas and Saint Paul on many religious missions, during which he founded the Church of Alexandria.
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Saint Luke

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Story of Apostle Luke in the Bible, St. Luke is believed to be the author of the Gospel that bears his name as well as of the Acts of the Apostles. The gospel of Luke focuses on the poor and oppressed, encouraging tenderness and compassion for the less fortunate.
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Apostle Preaching

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What did the Apostles preach? The Lord Jesus called some disciples, not only 12 but also at least 70. He sent them out and charged them to preach the kingdom, saying, “The kingdom of the heavens has drawn near
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Fast of the 12 Disciples

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The apostle fast is proof that, just as Christ fasted 40 days after the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove, the Apostles also fasted after the day of Pentecost. The spirit of God descended upon them and also spoke to them.
12 apostles after the death of jesus

12 Apostles after the death of Jesus

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According to the Christian Gospels of Mark and Matthew, after Jesus’ death and ascension, his Apostles “went out and preached everywhere.” This is described in Mark 16:19 and 20, as well as Matthew 28:19 and 20. They dispersed to different areas of the world, according to a legend reported by Eusebius.
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Story of Paul in the Bible

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The story of Paul the apostle shares detailed insight into how Paul was a Greek-speaking Jew from Asia Minor. His birthplace, Tarsus, was a major city in eastern Cilicia, a region that had been made part of the Roman province of Syria by the time of Paul’s adulthood. Two of
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Catholics believe that Jesus had an inner circle of disciples who were close to him and saw his teachings and miracles firsthand. Who were these disciples, and what can we learn from them about following Jesus? This post looks at the evidence for who Jesus’s inner circle might have been
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Who was the 13th Apostle

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After Judas Iscariot committed suicide, the other 11 apostles cast lots for a replacement, and the lot fell on Matthias and he automatically became a replacement for Judas.
why did jesus pick judas iscariot as his disciple?

Why did Jesus pick Judas Iscariot as his Disciple?

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Why did Jesus choose Judas as one of his disciples? Judas was chosen by Jesus because it was part of God’s plan. While speaking to a large gathering of followers, Jesus offers us the first hint that He will be betrayed.
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It’s no secret that Peter is a controversial figure in Christianity. He allegedly denied Jesus three times, and some people say he can’t be trusted. But what if I told you that Peter was actually one of the most important figures in the apostolic church? It might surprise you to
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In the Life of Apostle John who was initially a fisherman before God called him to be a disciple. He was a son to Zebedee from the town of Galilea and a brother to Mark.
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Story of Judas Iscariot in the Bible

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The story of Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve disciples, is notorious for betraying Jesus. According to all four canonical gospels, Judas betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin in the Garden of Gethsemane by kissing him and addressing him as “rabbi” (teacher).
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What happened to Matthias in the Bible?

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The story of Apostle Matthias who was a replacement of Judas Iscariot shares a deep insight into how he preached the Gospel to barbarians and meat-eaters in the interior of Ethiopia, where the sea harbor of Hyssus is, at the mouth of the river Phasis. He died at Sebastopolis and
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Story of St. James the Less

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The story of apostle James the less shares insight on how James was called by Jesus to be a disciple sometime after the call of James, son of Zebedee, which led to his identification as James “the Lesser. James the Less was traditionally commemorated with St. Philip.
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Story of St. Thomas the Apostle

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The story of Apostle Thomas shares insight on how Thomas is famous for having doubted the Resurrection of Jesus and for demanding physical proof of the wounds of Christ’s Crucifixion. The phrase “doubting Thomas” was coined for his lack of faith.
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Story of Peter in the Bible

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The story of Apostle Bartholomew shares a deep insight into how he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint Bartholomew is credited with many miracles related to the weight of objects. He was martyred in Armenia, being either decapitated or skinned alive.
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Origins of the words Disciple and Apostle

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Facts about an Apostle and a Disciple proves that an apostle is personally selected by Jesus and is also a disciple. A disciple is anyone who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ.
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Story of Bartholomew the Apostle

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The story of Apostle Bartholomew shares a deep insight into how he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint Bartholomew is credited with many miracles related to the weight of objects. He was martyred in Armenia, being either decapitated or skinned alive.
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Story of John the Apostle

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The story of the Apostle John proves John was the son of Zebedee, a Galilean fisherman, and Salome. Apostle John and his brother James happened to be the first disciples of Jesus Christ. In the Gospel According to Mark, he is always mentioned after James and was undoubtedly the younger
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Were the Apostles Married?

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Where the Apostles Married? There are numerous shreds of evidence that some of Jesus’ disciples were married and had wives and children. A solitary sentence in one of Paul’s letters suggests the other apostles were married, but not him. Church tradition, as well as the gospels and Acts, do not
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Difference between Apostles and Disciples

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Apostles and disciples are two very important concepts in Catholicism. Do you know the difference between the two? apostles are those who have seen Jesus Christ, while disciples are simply followers. Here’s a closer look at the two terms.
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How do I become a Disciple of God

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Making the decision to become a disciple of God is one of the most important choices you will ever make. It requires a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as your personal savior and to live by his teachings. If you’re ready to take this step, here are some tips on
the story of st jude

The Story of St Jude

Por December 30, 2021 0
Story of St. Jude, also called Judas, Thaddaeus, or Lebbaeus (flourished 1st-century C.E.; Western feast day October 28, Eastern feast days June 19 and August 21), one of the original Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is the reputed author of the canonical Letter of Jude that warns against the passionate and profane
the story of saint philip

The Story of Saint Philip

Por 11 de dezembro de 2021 0
A história do Apóstolo Filipe prova que ele foi um dos 12 principais discípulos de Jesus Cristo. Filipe é descrito como um discípulo da cidade de Betsaida, e o evangelista o conecta com André e Pedro, que eram da mesma cidade.
the feast of the apostles

A festa dos apóstolos

Por 9 de dezembro de 2021 0
A Festa dos Apóstolos também é chamada de Sinaxia dos Santos Apóstolos. Esta celebração é uma festa litúrgica em homenagem ao martírio dos apóstolos em Roma, e cada um dos 12 é comemorado em um dia diferente do calendário da Igreja.
the story of st andrew

The Story of St Andrew

Por December 5, 2021 0
The story of Saint Andrew, also known as Andrew the Apostle, shows he was a Christian Apostle and the older brother to St. Peter. Saint Andrew’s Day is November 30. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, Greece, and Russia and was Christ’s first disciple.
the biblical story of saint matthew

The Biblical Story of Saint Matthew

Por November 30, 2021 0
The story of Saint Matthew in the Bible proves he was one of Jesus’ disciples. Matthew/Levi is an important figure in the gospels of Mark and Matthew because whoever he was, he was instrumental in inviting Jesus to dinner and mingling with other tax-collectors and sinners.

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