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Inspiration awaits you in the Apostle John Shopping Zone, where we have collected the most beautiful products about St. John the Apostle!

Browse around and find that perfect product for your home or office space today, you’ll be glad you did because it will inspire others as well as he was known to do when he walked this earth centuries ago.

In order to search through all sorts of items available online (and offline), I had stocked up big time knowledgeably studying scripture during my high school years; but there are always more requirements than what’s immediately evident by just looking outside a browser window.

Apostle John Shopping Zone

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saint andrew 12 cm with multilingual prayer

Saint John icon, oval

The story of John is well known. The Theologian in Silence, like other Evangelists, is represented inside his writing room.

John’s Gospel begins with contemplation on God and so does this iconography which was painted entirely handmade following traditional techniques from Byzantine art (Byzantine Icons).

Shipping Weight: 0.5Kg
Materials: Wood, tempera, gold leaf
Height 30 cm / 11.81 in
Width 20 cm / 7.87 in
st andrew statue cross 44 cm painted resin

Saint John Apostle Pring

The artist known as Paolo Bartoli has created a painting that captures the essence of Saint John.

The colors are bold and life-like, while his attire speaks volumes on how he was able to remain humble in spite of all odds against him.

A common man from centuries ago who would have been dressed similarly no matter what society threw at them or where they traveled too!

You can find this piece available now with three different sizes; cm 30×40 (small), 50 x 70 inches(medium), or 100% linen canvas prints measuring MLG WXLH.
saint andrew in stone

Saint John Prayer bas-relief in reconstituted marble, 17 cm

This beautifully crafted Saint John Prayer bas-relief made of reconstituted Carrara marble is 17 cm tall.

It’s handcrafted with attention to detail and provides a high-quality finish that will last for years in any outdoor space!

Measures 72 cm/28.35 inches in height.

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