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Our beautiful products about St. Simon are available in all shapes and sizes, from small sculptures to large paintings; there really is something here that will suit any taste.

We even have some fun collectibles such as keychains featuring one of our favorite saints-they’re perfect if you want an easily portable religious symbol on your person at all times (and who doesn’t?).

saint simon shopping zone
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Is there a saint for every occasion? According to catholic doctrine, the answer is yes. And that’s certainly good news for those in search of spiritual guidance and support.

If you’re looking to buy religious items honoring Saint Simon, you’ll be happy to know they’re available online. Check out some of the top sites now and find the perfect item or items to help you connect with this revered saint.

Whatever your needs, buying Saint Simon products online is a great way to get connected with this popular figure. Praise be to God!

Saint Simon Shopping Zone

saint james the greater in stone bethleem 25.5cm

Saint Simon the Cananite Tapestry

The Saint Simon the Cananite tapestry is a beautiful and unique work of art.

Jacquard woven and finished by hand, it is made entirely in Italy from the finest materials.

The tapestry features a depiction of Saint Simon the Cananite, one of the most famous and revered figures in Christianity.

At 16.5×11.2″, it is the perfect size for any home or office.

Shipping weight is 0.2 kg and it ships from Italy.
saint james the greater in stone bethleem 25.5cm

Saint Simon Painting

Looking for a canvas print that exudes both religious fervor and artistic sensibility?

Then our latest addition to our collection–the Saint Simon Painting by Paolo Bartoli–is perfect for you!

This religious icon is not only stunning to look at, but also comes in three different sizes (cm 30×40, cm 50×70, cm 70×100) to fit your space.

And at just 1kg, it’s easy to ship and hang.
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