Test Your Knowledge about the Apostles

Test Your Knowledge about the Apostles

There is so much history and information about the apostles, and you get the chance to Test Your Knowledge about the Apostles.

Did you know that there were 12 apostles?

They each had an important role in Jesus’ ministry. Each apostle was unique and contributed to the spread of Christianity. There is much to learn about these 12 men which our site shows.

test your knowledge about the apostles

Jesus called twelve apostles

Jesus knew that he couldn’t spread his message alone. He needed reliable and trustworthy people to help him reach as many people as possible. So, he called twelve apostles to join him on his mission.

These men came from all walks of life, but they all shared a common belief in Jesus and his teachings.

The apostles quickly became Jesus’ closest confidants, and they played a vital role in spreading his message throughout the world.

Thanks to the apostles, Christianity quickly took root and began to grow. Today, there are over two billion Christians worldwide, and the teachings of Jesus continue to reverberate throughout the world.

The apostles were simple men

The apostles were simple men who had worked as fishermen or tax collectors. However, they were also men of great faith who were willing to follow Jesus and spread His message to the world.

The apostles preached the gospel throughout the Roman Empire and beyond, and their efforts helped to bring about the spread of Christianity.

In addition, the apostles also performed many miracles, including healing the sick and raising the dead.

As a result, their work had a profound impact on the early Church and helped to lay the foundation for Christianity as we know it today.

They devoted their lives to Jesus

The disciples were some of the most devoted followers of Jesus Christ. They gave up their lives to follow Him and travel wherever He went. They witnessed His miracles, heard His teachings, and tasted His love.

They were with him through thick and thin and never wavered in their belief that He was the Son of God.

The disciples were the foundation of the early Church and their faithfulness continues to inspire Christians today.

When we think of the most significant followers of Jesus, the disciples always come to mind.

They remind us that it is possible to completely dedicate our lives to Christ and live a life full of purpose.

After Jesus’ death, the apostles continued to preach His message

After the death of Jesus, his apostles continued to preach his message and convert people to Christianity. They traveled throughout the Roman Empire, spreading the word about Jesus and his teachings.

Many people were drawn to the simple message of love and forgiveness that he preached, and they converted to Christianity in droves.

The apostles continued to gain converts even after the persecution of Christians began under Emperor Nero.

As Christianity began to take root in the Roman Empire, it slowly began to change the course of history.

The simple message of love and forgiveness that Jesus preached continues to resonate with people around the world, and Christianity is now one of the largest religions in the world.

test your knowledge about the apostles

Some of them were martyred for their faith

Christians have been martyrs since the beginning of the faith. The persecution of Christians was widespread in the early years of the religion, and many believers were killed for their beliefs.

In spite of this, Christians continued to spread the gospel, often at great risk to themselves. In recent years, Christian martyrs have continued to make headlines.

In 2015, twenty-one Coptic Christians were beheaded by ISIS militants in Libya. Just a year later, four nuns were killed by gunmen in Yemen.

Despite the risks, Christians remain committed to sharing their faith with others, even in the face of violence and persecution.

Martyrdom has always been a part of the Christian story, and it continues to be a reality for many believers today.

Their stories are an important part of Christian history

The lives of the saints have always been a source of inspiration for Christians.

Their stories are an important part of our history and continue to inspire us today. The saints were ordinary people who responded to God’s call in extraordinary ways. They showed us that it is possible to live a holy life despite the trials and challenges of this world.

They are a reminder that we are all called to be saintly, and that with God’s help, anything is possible. Saint Augustine once said,

“The saints are not superhuman beings but humans like us who have been transformed by their relationship with God.”

As we remember the saints this month, let us ask for their intercession, and let their example motivate us to grow closer to God.

Conclusion paragraph: The twelve apostles were some of the earliest and most devoted followers of Jesus. They traveled with him everywhere he went, and after His death, they continued to preach his message and convert people to Christianity.

Some were martyred for their faith, but all remained committed to spreading the gospel. Their stories are an important part of Christian history and continue to inspire believers today. What can we learn from these courageous men?

Test Your Knowledge about the Apostles

The following questions are random questions about a large pool to Test Your Knowledge about the Apostles. You can share your knowledge with your friends or keep the result for yourself.

Do not worry about making mistakes, we all learn from mistakes, and from that learning, we make our lives better.

#1. According to tradition, which of the apostle preached in Parthia and in India, of which he is patron?

#2. What did Jesus hand over to Judas before he betrayed him?

#3. Which two Apostles were referred to as Son's of Thunder?

#4. After the death of Judas Iscariot who was appointed the next apostle?

#5. Which apostle was the first to follow Jesus, died on X-shaped cross, and is the patron saint of Scotland and Russia?

#6. Which Apostle was also known as Thaddeus?

#7. How many pairs of brothers were in the 12?

#8. Which Apostle took care of Mary?

#9. Who are the saints of the impossible?

#10. Who replaced Judas as the 12th apostle?




Test Your Knowledge about the Apostles

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