Mga Sugo ng Diyos

the holy apostles
Ang Mga Kuwento ng mga Mensahero ng Diyos

Puno ng Pag-ibig, Martyred ngunit ang kanilang Pananampalataya sa Diyos ay napakalakas na kahit ang pinaka nakakatakot na kamatayan ay hindi sila inalis sa daanan.

These 12 Apostles’ Stories show the remarkable faith the disciples had once becoming an apostle. During their time preaching the gospel their life was difficult.

Galing sa alagad sa isang apostol. Ang mga kwento ay hindi lamang mula sa bibliya kundi ang kwento ng mga panalangin na gusto ng marami sa inyo.

Ang kwento ng isang paglalakbay sa alinman sa mga libingan ngunit mayroon ding kwento ng pagkakaroon ng alinman sa mga apostol sa bahay sa anyo ng isang icon o rebulto.

Kung sakaling gusto mong idagdag ang iyong kuwento tungkol sa mga apostol dito sa aming site, mangyaring makipag-ugnayan sa amin.

the great 12 apostles stories the communion of the apostles, oil on canvas painting in the museum of fine arts in boston,
lucas jordán, luca jordanus, luca fa presto
The Communion of the Apostles, Oil on canvas painting in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,
Lucas Jordán, Luca Jordanus, Luca Fa Presto
  • Saint Peter: inilibing sa St. Peter's Basilica sa Vatican City, Rome, Italy
  • Saint Andrew: inilibing sa St. Andrew's Cathedral, Patras, Greece
  • Saint James the Great: inilibing sa Santiago de Compostela Cathedral sa Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
  • Saint John: inilibing sa Basilica of St. John sa Ephesus, Turkey
  • Saint Philip: inilibing sa Church of the Holy Apostles sa Roma o posibleng Hierapolis, malapit sa Denizli, Turkey
  • Saint Bartholomew: inilibing sa Basilica ng Benevento, Italy, o Basilica of St. Bartholomew sa Isla, Rome, Italy
  • Saint Matthew: inilibing sa Salerno Cathedral, Salerno, Italy
  • Saint James the Less, anak ni Alpheus: inilibing sa Cathedral of St. James sa Jerusalem o sa Church of the Holy Apostles sa Roma
  • Saint Thomas: buried in the San Thome Basilica in Chennai, India, or in the Basilica of St. Thomas the Apostle in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy
  • Saint Simon: inilibing sa St. Peter's Basilica sa Roma sa ilalim ng St. Joseph altar kasama si St. Jude
  • Saint Jude Thaddeus: buried in St. Peter’s Basilica under the St. Joseph altar with St. Simon; two bones (relics) located at the National Shrine of St Jude in Chicago, Illinois
  • Saint Matthias: inilibing sa St. Matthias' Abbey sa Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Napakaraming kwento at tinatanggap ka namin na ibahagi ang iyong kwentong Apostol sa Bibliya.

Mayroon ba sa mga apostol na may espesyal na kahulugan para sa iyo? Kung gayon kami, at lalo na ang aming madla, ay gustong-gustong basahin ang iyong kuwento. Makipag-ugnayan sa amin ngayon sa pamamagitan ng pagpapadala ng iyong kuwento sa amin.

The Great 12 Apostles Stories

mark and luke

Mark and Luke

Ni October 27, 2022 0
Why are Mark and Luke not named as disciples? No, they were not. According to Christian tradition, they were disciples of apostles. Mark was a disciple of Peter while Luke was a disciple of Paul. Some Protestants insist that they must have been disciples of Jesus. Because those Protestants insist
story of st mark

Story of St Mark

Ni October 27, 2022 0
The story of Saint Mark proves he was one of Christ’s 70 disciples and the four evangelists, Saint Mark was born in Cyrene, Libya but his date of birth is unknown. He traveled with Saint Barnabas and Saint Paul on many religious missions, during which he founded the Church of Alexandria.
saint luke

Saint Luke

Ni October 26, 2022 0
Story of Apostle Luke in the Bible, St. Luke is believed to be the author of the Gospel that bears his name as well as of the Acts of the Apostles. The gospel of Luke focuses on the poor and oppressed, encouraging tenderness and compassion for the less fortunate.
apostle preaching

Apostle Preaching

Ni October 26, 2022 0
What did the Apostles preach? The Lord Jesus called some disciples, not only 12 but also at least 70. He sent them out and charged them to preach the kingdom, saying, “The kingdom of the heavens has drawn near
fast of the 12 disciples

Fast of the 12 Disciples

Ni October 25, 2022 0
The apostle fast is proof that, just as Christ fasted 40 days after the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove, the Apostles also fasted after the day of Pentecost. The spirit of God descended upon them and also spoke to them.
12 apostles after the death of jesus

12 Apostles after the death of Jesus

Ni October 20, 2022 0
According to the Christian Gospels of Mark and Matthew, after Jesus’ death and ascension, his Apostles “went out and preached everywhere.” This is described in Mark 16:19 and 20, as well as Matthew 28:19 and 20. They dispersed to different areas of the world, according to a legend reported by Eusebius.
story of paul in the bible

Story of Paul in the Bible

Ni October 7, 2022 0
The story of Paul the apostle shares detailed insight into how Paul was a Greek-speaking Jew from Asia Minor. His birthplace, Tarsus, was a major city in eastern Cilicia, a region that had been made part of the Roman province of Syria by the time of Paul’s adulthood. Two of
the inner disciples of jesus christ

The Inner Disciples of Jesus Christ

Ni September 24, 2022 0
Catholics believe that Jesus had an inner circle of disciples who were close to him and saw his teachings and miracles firsthand. Who were these disciples, and what can we learn from them about following Jesus? This post looks at the evidence for who Jesus’s inner circle might have been
who was the 13th apostle

Who was the 13th Apostle

Ni August 21, 2022 0
After Judas Iscariot committed suicide, the other 11 apostles cast lots for a replacement, and the lot fell on Matthias and he automatically became a replacement for Judas.
why did jesus pick judas iscariot as his disciple?

Why Did Jesus pick Judas Iscariot as his disciple?

Ni August 21, 2022 0
Why did Jesus choose Judas as one of his disciples? Judas was chosen by Jesus because it was part of God’s plan. While speaking to a large gathering of followers, Jesus offers us the first hint that He will be betrayed.
the position of peter in the apostolic church

The position of Peter in the apostolic church

Ni May 26, 2022 0
It’s no secret that Peter is a controversial figure in Christianity. He allegedly denied Jesus three times, and some people say he can’t be trusted. But what if I told you that Peter was actually one of the most important figures in the apostolic church? It might surprise you to
the impact of religion and faith on the life of apostle john

The Impact of Religion and Faith on the Life of Apostle John

Ni May 19, 2022 0
In the Life of Apostle John who was initially a fisherman before God called him to be a disciple. He was a son to Zebedee from the town of Galilea and a brother to Mark.
story of judas iscariot in the bible

Story of Judas Iscariot in the Bible

Ni May 14, 2022 0
The story of Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve disciples, is notorious for betraying Jesus. According to all four canonical gospels, Judas betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin in the Garden of Gethsemane by kissing him and addressing him as “rabbi” (teacher).
what happened to matthias in the bible?

What happened to Matthias in the Bible?

Ni May 14, 2022 0
The story of Apostle Matthias who was a replacement of Judas Iscariot shares a deep insight into how he preached the Gospel to barbarians and meat-eaters in the interior of Ethiopia, where the sea harbor of Hyssus is, at the mouth of the river Phasis. He died at Sebastopolis and
story of st. james the less

Story of St. James the Less

Ni May 13, 2022 0
The story of apostle James the less shares insight on how James was called by Jesus to be a disciple sometime after the call of James, son of Zebedee, which led to his identification as James “the Lesser. James the Less was traditionally commemorated with St. Philip.
story of st. thomas the apostle

Kwento ni San Tomas na Apostol

Ni May 13, 2022 0
The story of Apostle Thomas shares insight on how Thomas is famous for having doubted the Resurrection of Jesus and for demanding physical proof of the wounds of Christ’s Crucifixion. The phrase “doubting Thomas” was coined for his lack of faith.
story of peter in the bible

Story of Peter in the Bible

Ni May 12, 2022 0
The story of Apostle Bartholomew shares a deep insight into how he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint Bartholomew is credited with many miracles related to the weight of objects. He was martyred in Armenia, being either decapitated or skinned alive.
origins of the words disciple and apostle

Origins of the words Disciple and Apostle

Ni April 21, 2022 0
Facts about an Apostle and a Disciple proves that an apostle is personally selected by Jesus and is also a disciple. A disciple is anyone who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ.
story of bartholomew the apostle

Story of Bartholomew the Apostle

Ni April 19, 2022 0
The story of Apostle Bartholomew shares a deep insight into how he was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint Bartholomew is credited with many miracles related to the weight of objects. He was martyred in Armenia, being either decapitated or skinned alive.
story of john the apostle

Story of John the Apostle

Ni April 19, 2022 0
The story of the Apostle John proves John was the son of Zebedee, a Galilean fisherman, and Salome. Apostle John and his brother James happened to be the first disciples of Jesus Christ. In the Gospel According to Mark, he is always mentioned after James and was undoubtedly the younger
were the apostles married?

Were the Apostles Married?

Ni April 18, 2022 0
Where the Apostles Married? There are numerous shreds of evidence that some of Jesus’ disciples were married and had wives and children. A solitary sentence in one of Paul’s letters suggests the other apostles were married, but not him. Church tradition, as well as the gospels and Acts, do not
difference between apostles and disciples

Difference between Apostles and Disciples

Ni March 17, 2022 0
Apostles and disciples are two very important concepts in Catholicism. Do you know the difference between the two? apostles are those who have seen Jesus Christ, while disciples are simply followers. Here’s a closer look at the two terms.
how do i become a disciple of god?

How do I become a Disciple of God?

Ni March 16, 2022 0
Making the decision to become a disciple of God is one of the most important choices you will ever make. It requires a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as your personal savior and to live by his teachings. If you’re ready to take this step, here are some tips on
the story of st jude

The Story of St Jude

Ni December 30, 2021 0
Story of St. Jude, also called Judas, Thaddaeus, or Lebbaeus (flourished 1st-century C.E.; Western feast day October 28, Eastern feast days June 19 and August 21), one of the original Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is the reputed author of the canonical Letter of Jude that warns against the passionate and profane
the story of saint philip

Ang Kwento ni San Felipe

Ni Disyembre 11, 2021 0
Ang kuwento ni Felipe na Apostol ay nagpapatunay na isa siya sa 12 pangunahing disipulo ni Jesucristo. Inilarawan si Felipe bilang isang disipulo mula sa lungsod ng Bethsaida, at iniugnay siya ng ebanghelista kay Andres at Pedro, na mula sa parehong bayan.
the feast of the apostles

Ang Pista ng mga Apostol

Ni Disyembre 9, 2021 0
Ang Pista ng mga Apostol ay tinatawag ding Synaxis ng mga Banal na Apostol. Ang pagdiriwang na ito ay isang liturgical feast bilang parangal sa martir ng mga apostol sa Roma, at ang bawat isa sa 12 ay ginugunita sa ibang araw ng kalendaryo ng Simbahan.
the story of st andrew

The Story of St Andrew

Ni Disyembre 5, 2021 0
Ang kuwento ni San Andres, na kilala rin bilang Andres na Apostol, ay nagpapakita na siya ay isang Kristiyanong Apostol at ang nakatatandang kapatid ni San Pedro. Ang Araw ni San Andres ay Nobyembre 30. Si San Andres ay ang patron ng Scotland, Greece, at Russia at siya ang unang disipulo ni Kristo.
the biblical story of saint matthew

The Biblical Story of Saint Matthew

Ni Nobyembre 30, 2021 0
Ang kwento ni San Mateo sa Bibliya ay nagpapatunay na isa siya sa mga alagad ni Hesus. Si Matthew/Levi ay isang mahalagang pigura sa mga ebanghelyo nina Marcos at Mateo dahil kung sino man siya, naging instrumento siya sa pag-imbita kay Hesus sa hapunan at pakikisalamuha sa ibang mga maniningil ng buwis at mga makasalanan.
the 12 symbols of the apostles

The 12 Symbols of the Apostles

Ni Nobyembre 6, 2021 0
“Ang simbahan sa kasaysayan ay may mga simbolo para sa labindalawang apostol na karamihan sa mga Kristiyano ay hindi nakikilala o natatanto man lang. Ang mga simbolo ng mga apostol ay nagbibigay ng pananaw sa mga kasamang ito ni Kristo upang makilala sila, ilang mga Kristiyanong santo ang tradisyonal na kinakatawan ng isang simbolo o iconic na motif na nauugnay sa kanilang buhay, na kilala bilang isang katangian.
st. peter biography

Talambuhay ni San Pedro

Ni Oktubre 15, 2021 0
Ang kuwento ni San Pedro, ayon sa mga ebanghelyo, ay naglalarawan kay Pedro bilang ang unang apostol na nagpahayag ng pananampalataya kay Hesus bilang ang Kristo sa panahon ng kanyang karera. Pinili ni Jesus ang pangalang Pedro, na ang ibig sabihin ay “bato,” upang magmungkahi na siya ang magiging mala-bato na angkla para sa pagkakaisa ng Simbahan.
story of saint james, son of zebedee

Kwento ni San James, Anak ni Zebedeo

Ni Setyembre 27, 2021 0
Ang kwento ni San Santiago, anak ni Zebedeo, ay nagpapatunay na isa siya sa Labindalawang Apostol ni Hesukristo. Siya ay tinatawag na 'The Greater upang makilala siya mula sa 'James the Little,' isa pang Apostol. Siya ang unang Apostol na naging martir at kilala rin bilang patron saint
the calling of the disciples

Ang Pagtawag sa mga Disipolo

Ni Setyembre 25, 2021 0
Ang pagtawag sa mga disipulo ay nagpaunawa sa atin na si Jesus ay tumawag ng 12 lalaki sa mga gawa ng kanyang Ama. Sa Ebanghelyo ni Juan, ang mga unang disipulo ay mga disipulo din ni Juan Bautista, at ang isa sa kanila ay kinilala bilang si Andres, ang kapatid ni Apostol Pedro.
the jobs of the 12 disciples

The Jobs of the 12 Disciples

NiSetyembre 12, 2021 0
Sino ang 12 alagad at ano ang kanilang hanapbuhay? Ang mga napag-usapan ang mga trabaho ay malawak: sina Pedro, Santiago, Juan, Phillip, at Andres ay iniulat na mga mangingisda. Ipinapalagay na si Bartholomew ay kapanganakan ng hari (walang trabaho). Si Judas ay posibleng isang ingat-yaman. Si Matthew ay isang maniningil ng buwis. James ang
the untold truth of the 12 disciples

Ang Walang Katotohanang Katotohanan ng 12 Mag-aaral

NiSetyembre 12, 2021 0
Ang hindi masasabing katotohanan ng 12 mga Disipolo ay isang maliit na piraso ng malinaw na katibayan na mayroong maraming mga detalye tungkol sa 12 mga Disipolo na hindi alam ng maraming tao o kahit na may kaunting ideya tungkol sa kanila. Sa artikulong ito, titingnan natin ang ilan sa
challenges of the 12 disciples

Mga Hamon ng 12 Mag-aaral

NiSetyembre 11, 2021 2
Ang mga hamon ng 12 Mga Alagad ni Hesukristo tulad ng mga tukso, pag-uusig, maling aral, kamatayan, atbp ay pinapaunawa sa amin na ang 12 Mga Alagad ni Jesus ay sumailalim sa ilang mga hamon kung saan nagawa nilang sukatin ang ilan at naging biktima rin ng ilang mga hamon.
apostle of jesus

Apostol ni Hesus

NiAgosto 8, 2021 0
Ang Apostol ay isang itinalaga para sa isang misyon: tulad ng. a: isa sa isang may awtoridad na mga pangkat ng Bagong Tipan na ipinadala upang ipangaral ang Ebanghelyo at binubuo ng nakararami sa 12 orihinal na mga alagad ni Cristo at Paul.
faith – what did the apostles teach

Pananampalataya - Ano ang Itinuro ng mga Apostol

NiAugust 7, 2021 0
Ano ang itinuro ng mga Apostol? Alam natin na ang mga banal na apostol ay nagpunta sa iba't ibang bahagi ng mundo upang ikalat ang Ebanghelyo.
9 silent virtues

9 Silent Virtues

NiHulyo 21, 2021 0
Siyam na tahimik na birtud na inilalarawan ng apostol ang nagpaunawa sa atin na sa iba pang pangangaral ng ebanghelyo ni Kristo, ang mga apostol ay nangaral hindi lamang sa mga salita kundi sa pamamagitan ng pagpapakita ng ilang mga birtud na nagpapakita na sila ay tunay na mga disipulo ni Kristo. Ang artikulong ito ay nagbabahagi ng higit na pananaw sa mga tahimik na birtud na ipinakita
the spiritual encounter of the apostles

Ang Espirituwal na Pagtatagpo ng mga Apostol

NiHunyo 14, 2021 0
Ang espirituwal na pagtatagpo ng mga apostol sa silid sa itaas, na siyang orihinal na lugar ng Pentecostes at isa pang pangalan para sa Silid sa Itaas, ipinaalala ni Jesucristo sa mga Apostol na ang Kanyang mga tunay na tagasunod ay yaong mga naglilingkod sa isa't isa, hindi yaong mga umaasang paglilingkuran. .
12 disciples strengths and weaknesses

12 Mga Lakas at Kahinaan ng Mga Mag-aaral

NiMayo 28, 2021 0
Ang 12 disipulo ay lahat ay may kanilang mga kalakasan at kahinaan sa panahon at pagkatapos ng pag-akyat ni Kristo sa langit. Sinaliksik namin ang mga kalakasan at kahinaan na ito ng mga apostol at isinulat namin ang artikulong ito para mabasa mo. Sana ay masiyahan ka sa artikulong ito, ibigay sa amin ang iyong mga komento sa ibaba o hanapin kami sa Facebook.
the 12 apostles and their characteristics

Ang 12 Apostol at ang kanilang Mga Katangian

NiMayo 7, 2021 4
Ang Katangian ng 12 Apostol ay isang nakakaintriga na paksa - kanilang mga personalidad, kanilang kalakasan, at kanilang mga kahinaan. Palagi nating tandaan na hindi lamang sila mga tao at, tulad natin ngayon, ay may mga pagkabigo at tagumpay, ngunit sila ay sinanay din ng ating Panginoon sa panahon ng Kanyang ministeryo sa lupa.
patron saint of lost causes

Patron Saint of Lost Causes

NiAugust 14, 2020 2
Sa loob ng maraming siglo, si San Jude ay naging Patron ng mga desperadong kaso. Ang mga tao ay nananalangin kay San Jude sa mga oras na sa tingin nila ay imposible ang kanilang layunin at nagtitiwala sila na ang kanyang panalangin ay makakatulong sa kanila. Paano ito nangyari? Bakit si San Jude ang patron ng desperado at desperado
how did the apostles die?

Paano Namatay ang mga Apostol?

NiAgosto 7, 2020 0
Ang mga Banal na Apostol na hinirang ng ating Panginoon ay naging martir dahil sa kanilang pananampalataya. Dito natin makikita ang pagkamatay ng mga apostol na madalas itanong sa tanong na “Paano namatay ang mga Apostol?”. Ipinakikita sa atin ng pananaliksik na hindi laging tapat na sagutin ang tanong ng tama para sa

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