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Are you familiar with the infamous story of Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus? Test your knowledge with our Judas Iscariot quiz, which includes questions about his life, his legacy, and the events leading up to his betrayal of Jesus.

From the 30 pieces of silver to his replacement as an apostle, our quiz will challenge even the most knowledgeable Bible scholars. So, are you ready to put your knowledge to the test?

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Jesus and Judas
Jesus and Judas

Who was Judas Iscariot and what did he do?

Judas Iscariot: A Dark Betrayal

Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, described in all four canonical gospels. Unfortunately, he is best known for his dark betrayal of Jesus Christ which ultimately led to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Judas’s surname is thought to be a corruption of the Latin sicarius meaning “murderer” or “daggerman,” possibly reflecting his zealotry. However, his motivation for betraying Jesus remains a source of debate.

Some believe he was paid to betray Jesus with thirty pieces of silver, while others argue he was disillusioned with Jesus’s teachings and sought to force his hand into revealing his true power as the Messiah.

No matter his motives, Judas’s betrayal sealed his fate in history as one of the most infamous traitors of all time. Though he may have received temporary financial gain from his actions, his legacy is forever tarnished as the notorious disciple who handed over Jesus to religious authorities.

Judas Iscariot, one of the original Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, is a well-known figure in Christianity. Over the years, his betrayal of Jesus has been represented in art and popular culture in various ways. For instance, in Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting “The Last Supper,” Judas is depicted with a dark expression, clutching a small bag, thus emphasizing his role as the betrayer of Christ.

Moreover, Judas has been portrayed in literature, films, and music in various forms – ranging from tragic to villainous. In Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code,” Judas is described as a misunderstood character painted in a negative light by the early church.

Similarly, in the song “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Judas is portrayed as a sympathetic character who tries to reason with Jesus but is ultimately forced to betray him. These depictions add a layer of complexity to Judas’s infamy.

In summary, Judas Iscariot’s representation in art and popular culture is a testament to his enduring significance in the Christian faith and cultural imagination.

What are some of the most famous stories about Judas Iscariot in the Bible?

Some of the most famous stories about Judas Iscariot in the Bible include his betrayal of Jesus Christ, one of the Twelve Apostles, for 30 pieces of silver, and his infamous kiss that led to the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Despite being one of Jesus’ closest disciples, he was notorious for his treachery and his actions ultimately led to Jesus’ crucifixion.

While Judas Iscariot may be remembered as a villain in Christian history, there are also lesser-known facts about this controversial figure that may surprise you.

Why is Judas Iscariot considered an important figure in Christianity?

Judas Iscariot, one of the original Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, is considered a significant Christian figure because of his notorious betrayal of Jesus.

He betrayed Jesus to the religious authorities for 30 pieces of silver, leading to Jesus’ arrest and eventual crucifixion.

Judas’s actions fulfilled the prophecy in the Bible and helped establish the foundation for the Christian faith.

Even today, Judas’s name is synonymous with betrayal, and his story continues to serve as a reminder of the consequences of greed and disloyalty.

What lessons can we learn from the life of Judas Iscariot today?

Here are 7 lessons we can learn from Judas Iscariot’s life:

Anointing without grace and the fruit of the Spirit can destroy your life. Performing signs and wonders alone won’t guarantee salvation.
Sin always has consequences. Judas’ betrayal of Jesus led to his downfall.
Deception and greed only lead to destruction. We should not emulate Judas’ deceptive ways and lust for riches.
Transparency in our relationships is essential. Unlike Judas, we should strive to live transparently with our friends and ministry partners.
God has a plan that cannot be overcome. Judas is a tragic example of lost opportunity, but God’s plan ultimately prevailed.
God offers us a chance to repent. Judas’ life is a reminder that it’s never too late to repent and return to God.

Let’s use Judas’ life as a lesson for our spiritual walk and strive toward holiness and purity.

Test your knowledge with this Judas Iscariot Quiz

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#1. In what community did Judas express indignation about Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha, using expensive perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus? (John 12:1)

#2. The name "Judas" is a Greek rendering of which Hebrew name?

#3. Who was the chief priest that paid Judas Iscariot?

#4. The betrayal of Jesus by Judas is told in the following gospels.

#5. The betrayal of Judas by Jesus was a victory over what group of people in the world?

#6. How many Judas are there in the Bible?

#7. What does Judas mean?

#8. What is Judas Iscariot known for?

#9. Judas Epithet ISCARIOT signifies what?

#10. What did the priest use the money refunded by Judas to buy?



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