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Saint Thomas the Apostle, also known as Doubting Thomas, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He is known for his skeptical attitude towards the resurrection of Jesus until he saw the wounds of Christ himself and his unwavering faith that followed.

To test your knowledge of this inspiring saint, we have gathered 10 quiz questions that will challenge and entertain you.

From his feast day to his missionary work, these questions cover it all. So, let’s dive in and see how much you know about Saint Thomas the Apostle!

In case you think, you do not know enough, why not read the Story of Saint Thomas, that might help you.

Who was Saint Thomas and what did he do?

Saint Thomas the Apostle was a Jew and one of the twelve Apostles chosen by Jesus Christ. He was known for his dedication to Christ, but also his impetuous nature. Upon hearing that Jesus was returning to Judea, Thomas famously said, “Let us also go, that we may die with him” (John 11:16).

Thomas is most recognized as the patron saint of India, where he is celebrated among its Christian adherents on the Feast of Saint Thomas every July 3rd.

Saint Thomas the Apostle has been represented in various forms of art and popular culture throughout history. One of the most iconic and recognizable depictions of St. Thomas in art is the Doubting Thomas painting by Caravaggio, which captures the moment of Thomas touching the wounds of Jesus Christ.

Additionally, St. Thomas has been portrayed in movies, such as in the acclaimed film The Greatest Story Ever Told, where he is depicted as a conflicted and humble disciple.

In popular culture, Saint Thomas has inspired books, music, and other artistic works, showcasing the impact he continues to have on people’s faith and imagination. Whether as an object of devotion or a subject for artistic expression, Saint Thomas the Apostle remains a significant figure in Christianity, honored and celebrated by believers worldwide.

Saint Thomas Quiz
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What are some of the most famous stories about Saint Thomas in the Bible?

Some of the most famous stories about Saint Thomas the Apostle in the Bible include his skepticism about Jesus’ resurrection and his request to touch Jesus’ wounds to believe it. As the patron saint of India, Saint Thomas’ Day is celebrated on July 3 by Indian Christians.

For those seeking to join a Catholic community, St. Thomas the Apostle has churches in Phoenix, Glen Mills, Naperville, and Los Angeles, all welcoming new members. St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School is also available for those looking to educate each child spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Remember, you can also support St. Thomas the Apostle Parish by donating online via GiveCentral.

Why is Saint Thomas considered an important figure in Christianity?

Saint Thomas the Apostle holds a special place in Christianity for a multitude of reasons. As one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, Saint Thomas played a pivotal role in spreading his teachings and is considered a highly revered figure in Christian history.

In addition to being known for his loyal and impetuous nature, he is also remembered for his famous doubts, which ultimately culminated in his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

Saint Thomas is also considered the patron saint of India, where he is celebrated on July 3 as Indian Christians’ Day.

Today, Saint Thomas’s legacy continues to live on, as numerous churches and schools around the world have been named after him, including the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix and the St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Naperville, IL.

Overall, Saint Thomas the Apostle’s contributions to Christianity have been invaluable, and his unwavering faith and determination continue to serve as an inspiration to many faithful Christians around the world.

What lessons can we learn from the life of Saint Thomas today?

Saint Thomas the Apostle was a dedicated and impetuous follower of Christ, who is now regarded as the patron saint of India among its Christian adherents. So, what lessons can we learn from his life today?

Dedication: Saint Thomas was a devoted follower of Christ, traveling from place to place to spread the word of God. His commitment and dedication to his beliefs serve as an inspiration to all of us to stay true to our convictions.
Perseverance: Saint Thomas was not afraid to challenge authority and stand up for what he believed in, even when it was difficult. His determination and persistence can motivate us to keep going, no matter how tough the journey may be.
Faith: Saint Thomas was known for his unwavering faith in God, which enabled him to perform miracles and spread the gospel. His faith teaches us the importance of staying connected to our spiritual beliefs, no matter what life throws our way.

At Saint Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Phoenix, we strive to embody these lessons every day. If you are looking for a welcoming and supportive community to grow in your faith, we invite you to join us. Together, with Saint Thomas as our guide, we can continue to spread the message of God’s love and compassion.

Thomas Quiz

Are you curious to know more about Saint Thomas the Apostle, also known as Doubting Thomas? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! This Thomas quiz is to test your knowledge about the life of this remarkable saint.

Can you answer questions like when is his feast day, or where he spread the gospel? Participate and find out! Check out this Thomas quiz below to get started. Good luck!

#1. The tradition among Christians in India is that Thomas was speared to death near?

#2. How is it historically believed by most that Thomas died?

#3. When is apostle Thomas's feast day according to Indian Christian day?

#4. Which lady assumption to heaven was Thomas noted as a witness?

#5. What origin word of twin is apostle Thomas's name originated from?

#6. (John 14:1-6) Was Thomas?

#7. How many churches did apostle Thomas establish in Kerala?

#8. What part of southern India did apostle Thomas travel to?

#9. When were apostle Thomas's relics brought to Ortona in Abruzzo?

#10. Who was Jesus going to visit that made apostle Thomas insists they all go with him so they could die?



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