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How much do you know about Saint Simon the Apostle, also known as Simon the Zealot? This disciple of Jesus played a significant role in the early Christian church, and his life has been an inspiration for millions of believers throughout history.

Whether you’re a dedicated Christian or just interested in learning more about this fascinating figure, these 10 inspiring quiz questions will test your knowledge and help you appreciate the remarkable legacy of Saint Simon the Apostle.

So, let’s dive in and see what you know about this extraordinary servant of God.

Who was Saint Simon and what did he do?

Saint Simon the Apostle, also known as Simon the Zealot was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He is venerated as a saint by several Christian denominations, including the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Simon was called the Zealot because of his zeal for Jewish law and his adherence to the Canaanite law.

He was regarded as the patron saint of tanners in the Western Church.

Some historians speculate that he may have been martyred in Persia or Edessa, Greece.

Saint Simon the Apostle has been a popular subject in art and popular culture throughout history. He is often depicted holding a saw, which was the instrument of his martyrdom. In Salvator Rosa’s painting, “Saint Simon the Apostle,” a large image of the saint is shown, which became popular in seventeenth-century Italy. The Met’s collection of drawings and prints also includes a depiction of St. Simon.

Interestingly, the Saint-Simonians were a group who believed that art could influence public opinion and behavior through the sentiment it exerts over people’s minds. Saint Simon was also a disciple of Jesus, known as “the Zealot,” who remains an elusive figure in history.

Throughout history, Saint Simon has remained an intriguing and mysterious figure. His legend and tradition have been associated with various artistic works, including El Greco’s painting of “Saint Simon.”

Overall, Saint Simon the Apostle has continued to capture the imagination of artists and audiences alike, cementing his place in art and popular culture.

Saint Simon Quiz
Saint Simon Quiz

What are some of the most famous stories about Saint Simon in the Bible?

Simon was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus Christ and was called “the Zealot”. He was said to be fervent in his beliefs and dedicated to Jewish law.

Some legends suggest that he might have preached in Egypt or Persia where he was martyred, while others believed that he traveled with Jude Thaddeus to preach in Armenia.

Today, Saint Simon the Apostle is venerated as a patron saint of tanners and is celebrated on October 28th by various Christian denominations. If you’re looking for a welcoming Catholic Church community in Indianapolis, you might want to check out Saint Simon the Apostle Catholic Church or St. Simon the Apostle Catholic Church in St. Louis, MO.

Why is Saint Simon considered an important figure in Christianity?

Saint Simon the Apostle, also known as Simon the Zealot, is an important figure in Christianity because he was one of the twelve Apostles chosen by Jesus Christ to spread his teachings.

Along with the other Apostles, he was regarded as a saint by various branches of the Christian faith including the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches, and Oriental Orthodox Churches.

He was known for his adherence to the Jewish law, and his passionate and zealous nature, which is reflected in his surname “the Zealot”. Saint Simon’s feast day is celebrated on October 28th, and he is venerated as a patron saint of tanners.

His life and martyrdom remain an inspiration to many faithful followers of Christ, even today.

What lessons can we learn from the life of Saint Simon today?

Saint Simon the Apostle, also known as Simon the Zealot, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Here are some lessons we can learn from his life today:

Rigid adherence to one’s beliefs – Simon was called the Zealot before he became a follower of Christ because of his strict adherence to Jewish law and the Canaanite law. He was also known for his deep loyalty and fervor toward his beliefs. We can learn from his dedication and unyielding resolve to uphold and defend what he believed in.
Commitment to spreading the Word of God – As one of the original apostles, Simon was instrumental in spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. He continued to preach and share the gospel until his martyrdom in Persia. Today, we can strive to follow Simon’s example by using our words and actions to spread love, kindness, and compassion in the world.
Importance of community and faith – Like other apostles, Simon had a strong sense of community and faith. He lived and traveled with other believers, sharing their joys and challenges, and supporting each other in their shared mission. In today’s world, we too can derive strength and comfort from being part of a community that shares our beliefs and values.

As we honor the memory of Saint Simon the Apostle, let us be inspired by his unwavering faith, deep commitment, and abiding love for God and His message.

Simon Quiz

Are you ready to test your knowledge about Saint Simon the Apostle? From being one of the twelve main disciples of Jesus Christ to his obscure role in the Bible, Saint Simon the Apostle has intrigued many.

If you’re curious to know more about this fascinating figure, then take our Saint Simon the Apostle Quiz! This quiz has only 10 questions however, after a refresh of the page you might have 10 different questions. Dare to take this Simon Quiz challenge and learn about Saint Simon the Apostle.

#1. Which apostle preached alongside Simon in Syria and Mesopotamia?

#2. Which law was Simon the Zealot Zealous for?

#3. What's apostle Simon's feast day according to Byzantine Christian tradition?

#4. What is apostle Simon's western feast day?

#5. What was apostle Simon's occupation before he became an apostle?

#6. What's apostle Simon's feast day according to medieval Hispanic liturgy?

#7. Which city did Simon become the second bishop of?

#8. Where did apostle Simon preach the gospel?

#9. What's apostle Simon's symbol in the catholic tradition?

#10. How many other Simons were mentioned in the new testament outside Simon's apostle?



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