Marilyn Nash

Freelance interior designer ~ owner Serendipity & Marilyn Interiors 1973 - 1998 Rosary artisan ~ owner website ~ ~ 2006 to present Taught religious education ~ children and adults ~ 2007-2016 Author ~ The Sacred Strand

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Patron Saint of Lost Causes

For centuries, Saint Jude has been the Patron of desperate cases. People pray to Saint Jude in times when they feel their cause is impossible and they trust that his prayer will help them. How did this come to be? Why is Saint Jude the patron of desperate and desperate causes?

How Did the Apostles Die

The Holy Apostles appointed by our Lord were martyred because of their faith. Here we look at the death of the apostles which is often asked by the question “How did the Apostles die?”. Research shows us that it is not always straightforward to answer the question correctly for the very simple reason that much of the knowledge is gone.

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