Saint Thomas

St. Thomas the Apostle was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. He is best known for questioning Jesus’ resurrection when first told of it, and then becoming a devoted follower after seeing the risen Christ. He is venerated as the patron saint of India among its Christian adherents, and his feast day is celebrated on July 3rd. St. Thomas is also remembered for his missionary work in India, where he spread the gospel and established several churches before his martyrdom in 53 CE.

Unveiling the Lives of the Lesser-Known Disciples

Unveiling the Lives of the Lesser-Known Disciples Read More »

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The narrative of the lesser known disciples Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Simon and Jude portray the profound impact of quiet dedication and the transformative power of faith. Their life stories, though lesser known, underscore the universality of Jesus’s message, exemplifying sacrifice, change, and the ability to influence history and establish spiritual revolution.

Colors of the Apostles

Colors of the Apostles Read More »

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Explore the story of Jesus’s apostles, likening their unique roles and personalities to a harmonious symphony. It highlights how their unity amidst diversity, transformative power, resilience, and collaborative spirit offer timeless lessons for modern societies grappling with cultural differences, crises, and the need for inclusive, empathetic leadership.

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